Getting Crafty

I'm a control freak, especially when doing things that make me anxious, which travel does.  So I have a tendency to try to purchase and pack comfort and safety in the form  of specialty gear and more books and movies than I could possibly get through.  Flight 001 kept advertising me a seat-back organizer for the airplane and REI kept advertising me a hanging iPad holder for in-tent movies.  Both of which I wanted, of course, but had enough sense not to buy.

Then I went to the dentist and was handed the obligatory swag in the kind of cheapo bag whose lifespan is about 10 minutes between a sweatshop and the landfill.  Bla.

But then I thought "Hmm. World's Ugliest Seat-Back Organizer / Hanging iPad Holder?"  I sewed on some ribbon for hanging loops and secured 2 old headbands to the back -- one I sewed on and the other I gave up and safety pinned on.  But hey, it's been working so far!  

And it actually does make flying easier for someone who is as fussy as I am.  No worrying about forgetting things in the seat pocket.  No juggling odds and ends on my lap.  No need to keep my daypack under my seat.  And easy shared movie watching with Marcus.

Our last seatmate told me to go on SharkTank.  ;-)  But I don't think this is my future.